Skateboard Beard Combs

Primal Rituals Supply Co

The day is young and your standing looking at yourself in the mirror, your beard is freshly oiled and your ready to get the day started, what better way to finish off your morning primal rituals than gliding one of these kick ass beard combs through it!.

Each and every one of these beard combs have been crafted by hand from recycled skateboards, every step in the process of making these combs involves hands shaping each one and they've been nicely finished off with 4-6 coats of polyurethane to give them a shiny, tough, waterproof finish..

The comb you receive might not look exactly like the one that is pictured But each and every beard comb is very sturdy and designed and made to last forever, These combs truly are one of a kind.

these are small batch runs and are very limited!! 
So do your beard a favor and glide one of these little bad boys through it today!!