Frequently Asked Questions


What is Beard Oil?

Your face doesn't produce the same natural oils as the hair on your head does, thats why it's essential to establish a Primal Ritual of supplementing with a good quality beard oil

Primal Rituals Beard Oils have been carefully crafted to condition, strengthen and restore your beard at any stage of growth, with benefits covering everything from preventing the dreaded beard itch and beard druff, to strengthening the hair itself by replenishing those natural oils lost through the use of modern day soaps and shampoos, in turn restoring your manhood to the glory it deserves. 

How do I use Beard Oil?

While everyones usage will be different, I personally I use beard oil every morning as part of my morning rituals, I apply a small coin sized amount to the palm of my hand and rub thoroughly through my beard getting right down to the skin. I then use a beard comb to evenly disperse the oils throughout the beard from the skin up.

You don't need a lot to get the benefits of using our products which makes a bottle go a long way.

A general rule of thumb is less is more! This way its a lot easier to add more if required.

How long does shipping take?

While we aim to have orders out the door and delivered on an overnight service please note these are only targets and any orders made outside of normal business hours will be dispatched the next business day.
New Zealand: 1-2 business days & International: Up to 7 business days

What does your woman think of that?

My simple response is "I didn't grow it for her". But don't be scared guys, despite modern myths women actually love manly men! Of course, being a manly man, doesn't mean we have to run around in a loin cloth acting like cavemen (although if thats your thing, we wont hold it against you).

With your Primal Rituals in place, you can show the world that the modern urban man is a well groomed, civilized and modernized beast! Since the development of the Primal Rituals range, I can assure you, my beard is soft, well groomed and smells great! What's not to love?

Does your beard get hot during summertime?

No, beards don't have seasons they're hot all year round!

Doesn't it get itchy?

And that my bearded brother is why I started Primal Rituals. When I first made the commitment to get my beard on, I scratched and struggled to find a reason not to shave. I figured out pretty quickly that if I wanted this to stay, I needed to do something about the dreaded itch and that was the birth of what was to become Primal Rituals.

No doubt, our newly found facial fur creates the kind of itch that only a promiscuous pimp would know. Truth is, it takes a little time for our virgin pores to get use to the addition of our new fur coats. This is a mere test of your commitment. But I promise you that with a combination of patience, perseverance and some solid Primal Rituals in place, the itch will pass and you'll be able to push on through and #GetDownWithYourBeardSelf. 

Starting out, wheres a good place to trim my beard line too?

Simple - Don’t trim to close up to the jawline. The "chinstrap" doesn’t slim your face, it just heightens your double chin. beware!

In fact, a few good rules of thumb are..

Shape your neckline two fingers above your adams apple, following along the jawline. Don't shave too low on the cheek and as always embrace your natural style and #GetDownWithYourBeardSelf

Should I wash my beard?

Treat your beard as you would the hair on your head. And, yes, that means washing it.

What if my beard is a different color to my hair?

Your hair shade and beard won’t necessarily match. Many a light-haired man have grown out only to find distant genes of Orangoutang. You’re also likely to discover your first grey hairs in your beard. Its alright though, just own it.  You've no doubt earned them! 

Try reaching for the dye and you’ll end up with an unnatural shade of the carpet not matching the drapes.

Any other questions feel free to reach out