Our Vision

When I first made the commitment to get my beard on, I scratched and struggled to find a reason not to shave. I figured out pretty quickly that if I wanted this to stay, I needed to do something about the dreaded itch and that was the birth of what was to become Primal Rituals.

No doubt, our newly found facial fur creates the kind of itch that only a promiscuous pimp would know. Truth is, it takes a little time for our virgin pores to get use to the addition of our new fur coats. This is a mere test of your commitment. But I promise you that with a combination of patience, perseverance and some solid Primal Rituals in place, the itch will pass and you'll be able to push on through and #GetDownWithYourBeardSelf. 

Primal Rituals is not just about growing and maintaining your beard, it's about being yourself! So whether you're rocking a solid as beard full of grays, have a bit of a ginger twang, are sporting a sweet goatee or anything in between, your beard is unique. No man who has ever lived, or who ever will live, will have a beard quite like yours.

In fact, rather than following trends and fitting the mold, we want you to embrace what comes naturally to you and rock your own individual style, whatever that is! This is your life, we want you to live it your way and be able to confidently shake off the nay sayers and haters who want to bring you back into line and shave your pretty face.

If you're new to bearding, Congratulations on your decision to grow a beard! If you're a bearded veteran, then slug yourself in the arm and congratulate yourself for having the courage to be a bearded leader.

Young beards, old beards, groomed beards or wild beards - Primal Rituals is dedicated to helping you bring out your beard's natural powers and reach beard perfection. Thats why after months of trials and testing we developed our range of beard oils crafted to condition, strengthen and restore your beard at any stage of growth.

So put down that clean shaver, grow a beard and get down with your beard self!!