How to make her love your beard

July 19, 2016

If your lady doesn't like beards, don't worry, your life as a bearded man isn't over.  You just need to school her on the finer points that make having a beard so attractive. 

So, if your reading this post we'll assume right off the bat that your lady doesn't like the idea of you and facial hair.  She may even try take control of the situation with the denial of a little something, something.  Most will likely cave into the threat of missing out and that will be them... FOREVER!

But If you currently have a beard and she's still not a fan, don't worry, there's still hope... Much like your lady, this situation may require a little extra time and effort, and it's your job to show her the finer points of growing and maintaining a beard.  Not because she hates them, because she actually loves them and just doesn't know it yet.

Lucky for you, It isn't hard to do; after all, beards are pretty loveable - Just like you, ya big lugg.

First off, you need to keep your beard groomed. Hairs sticking out all over the place look messy and that's a sure fire way to set off her anxiety radar. So you need to keep it neat and under control. 

Oh, and did I say, wash It? Yeah, make sure you do that too! Woman like cleanliness.

So now that your beard is clean, the best place to start is with a quality Beard Oil.  Regardless of length this will help CONDITION the skin, STRENGTHEN the hair and RESTORE your manhood. By doing so, you will reduce the dreaded dry and itchy skin leaving your hair soft and sexy... Your manhood will be on point!

Plus, you'll be rocking that beard you always wanted and she won't be able to keep her hands off it.

A wee trim from time to time is all it takes to will keep those split ends and stragglers at bay.

To maintain your desired length and shape you may want to seek out a pro for a little help and guidance.  You can certainly do this yourself but be warned, this will most likely not end well, so don't be cheap - you can find a list of our recommended Barbers here.

If you don a slightly longer beard, a Beard Comb will be an important part of the arsenal.  This will help evenly distribute the natural oils throughout your beard, ultimately assisting with the finished product that is your face.

It might sound like a lot of mucking about but when she sees the results and all the effort you put into looking your best for her, she'll be sold and your beard will become a permanent feature.

So keep it clean, feed it a quality beard oil and give it a trim - Its that simple.

#GetDownWithYourBeardSelf today and show her how its done!


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