Some Beards Will Fall

March 21, 2016

For the most part New Zealand blokes spend their summer months filled with beach swims, barbecues, babes and cold beers! and that sounds great right.. Right!

Well for the most part it is.. But unfortunately for a few of our bearded brothers the extra heat can just be too much, bringing some men to breaking point and committing the most unthinkable of beard crimes.. (doing just as their mommas did before them), and going clean shaven..

Truth is as much as we love the warm summer months, some beards will un-necessarily fall to the warmer weather and I know, your probably thinking "Well fuck em then" But is it really their fault they have not been given alternative advice to ease the pain of looking like the back end of an emu, all dry and puckered!

When people ask me "doesn't it get hot in summer?" depending on the individual I like to have a couple of response options on hand..

The first option is pulling out the classic "Beards don't have seasons, they're hot all year round!" line - and all could go well..  You'll both have a good old lol and you'll be on your merry way..

Or you could get completely assholed by the punter who after multiple attempts at growing a beard himself, will end up being that sketchy character lurking in the shadows who jumps you in a bar wanting to "touch it" and ends up going full grope mode on your manhood. Yes, I'm talking about your beard!  In this case, your probably thinking to yourself "holyshit was that really necessary?" The answer is No, no its not! 

But remember this most likely all came about because someone gave him the old "beards are hot all year round" line and this sketchy awkwardness could of been completely avoided with the second option, which is more constructive and consists of a little brotherly advice!
So as an alternative to “the Shave” or a bunch of terrible dad jokes, I tend to promote speaking to your local barber, and we highly recommend using a quality barber such as those listed on our Store Locator page. See about a light trim and look at introducing one of our premium beard oils.

And why not one with a scent that represents that time of year we love so much.. Summer.

Thankfully Primal Rituals have come to the rescue with our Citrus Swag Beard Oil which has been carefully crafted to Condition your skin, Strengthen your hair & Restore your manhood keeping your beard game sharp and under control, Its designed for those who are looking for a high quality, clean, lightweight beard oil that will keep your beard looking good throughout the day.

It confidently represents summer with its earthy tea tree base and, much like the perfect compliment to your favourite cold one, notes of freshly sliced of lime.

From there a quality beard comb will help evenly distribute the oil throughout your mane and before you know it you'll be running like a well oiled machine. With that being said, you now have the power to help a brother out and steer him in the right direction from being 'that guy'.

So do the right thing #HelpABrotherOut and #GetDownWithYourBeardSelf

The day is yours, choose wisely!

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